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OOC: Ignore, this is for Rolf's biography

Name: Rolf Aloysius Scamander
Gender: Male
Date of birth: September 25, 1978
Year: Sixth
House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Pureblood
Physical characteristics: Very tall and gangly, with sweet brown eyes hidden under a pair of glasses, dark hair that, according to some people (*coughtraverscough*), is groomed in a way that makes it the hair equivalent of wearing a sign with “I’m a geek. Kick me” (but which he personally would classify as a symbol of “Dork Pride”), and tanned skin, which resulted from his love for subjects and hobbies that make him spend time outside under the sun, and his preference for studying outside, under the trees, rather than in the library. His choice in clothing, which rarely varies from a large selection of khaki trousers and striped polo shirts, underlines his biggest wish – to blend in with the background. Unfortunately, the fact that he’s 6’4” makes it a bit harder for him to fulfil that wish. In spite of his size, however, he’s probably the least intimidating-looking boy in all of Hogwarts (yes, this includes the first-years), but his natural gawkiness seems to make him somewhat endearing in the eyes of girls (especially those of the Verity and Leanne persuasion), who seem to look up to “Rolfy-Wolfy” as a cuddly teddy bear, much to his bemusement.

Background information:
“All Ravenclaws are intellectual, but Ravenclaw Libras have their heads in the clouds more than most (Pisces Ravenclaws may have them beat, but not by much). They are romantic and idealistic, and prefer to live in the world of pure theory rather than in the messy world of action. While social and pleasant, they are still quiet and shy, and rarely make the first move when in a group of people. In the classroom, they tend to wait to be called on, or raise their hands when they are sure that no one else knows the answer, but they do tend to be the teacher's pet on a fairly regular basis. It's hard to hate them for this, because they are so pleasant to everybody. Ravenclaw Libras are the most speculative (and indecisive) of all Libras, because they have the intellectual capacity to explore all ramifications of every action and reaction.”
Blurb taken from: Harry Potter Astrology
Rolf was born from the most unlikely of matches. His father is Newt Scamander, Jr., son of the renowned naturalist of the same name (Newt, Jr. is himself a dedicated scholar, having specialized in plants and insects), while his mother is Heidi Fritzenwalden (AKA Huge Heidi), the last of a long dynasty of German Quidditch players where each generation produced at least one famous Beater. Heidi herself served for the Heidelberg Harriers before she retired to marry Newt, Jr. at the age of 40.
Rolf’s grandfathers never saw things eye to eye, and a huge brawl ensued between the two of them when Heidi gave birth to her first son, as both expected the boy to be named after him. Aware that interfering with their feud would do no good, Newt, Jr. and Heidi decided to let their fathers deal things by themselves. After a long time of discussion, the proud granddaddies decided to settle things with arm-wrestling – which was very poor judgment on Newt, Sr.’s part, as big, hulking Rolf Fritzenwalden defeated him in just one second. And so, one month after his birth, the child was named Rolf Aloysius Scamander after his maternal grandfather. As fate decided, it turned out that little Rolf took after his father’s side of the family in every sense, while his younger brother by nine years, Newton Artemis Fido Scamander III, took after the Fritzenwaldens and is such a big and strong child that he resembles a mini-Croyle – apart from the fact that he can speak in complete sentences and knows the meaning of words longer than three syllables, that is.
From a very early age, Rolf accompanied his father and grandfather in their travels around the world to study magical beasts and plants. His mother accompanied them at first, but soon grew tired of the naturalist lifestyle and decided to stay at home instead; his little brother soon followed, as it was discovered that not only did he care little for the animal world and for those journeys into the wild, but he was also prone to allergies, often returning home with his face covered in purple blotches. Rolf, however, stayed, assisting in the researches by filing and sketching the specimens – the latest being a skill he became quite talented at. The upcoming book about his grandfather’s latest venture into the Brazilian rain forest to study Fire Slugs, for instance, will be richly illustrated with the drawings Rolf made when he joined him during the summer holidays.
Rolf’s passion for Natural History is so great that, even before he entered Hogwarts, he had already set in his mind that his future career would be as a naturalist. His dedication to his dream led him to pick for his NEWTs all the subjects he felt would be the most useful for his future career: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts (due to the fact that it’s in this class that dark creatures are studied, rather than in CoMC), Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration, and doing his best to excel in them. However, due to his natural shyness he tends to be very reserved during classes and will only open his mouth or raise his hand when asked to by his teachers. This reserved aspect of his personality is also responsible for him preferring to be by himself instead of seeking the company of others, as some people’s friendliness (Verity, anyone?) tend to intimidate him; also, due to his interest in odd things, like making comparative studies between Muggle and magical creatures or reading The Quibbler (he realizes that some of the features are rubbish, but he likes the thought that some of the odd creatures Xeno Lovegood mentions in his magazine might be true, thus meaning new subjects for his studies), he prefers to do them alone, away from the prying eyes of people who might mock him for going against the flow. Instead of locking himself up in the library like Hermione Granger, however, Rolf has decided to isolate himself by studying outside, usually under a tree, as he believes that sometimes being close to people is the best way to isolate himself. During winter, his place of choice for his studies is his dorm, as his dorm mates rarely go there in the daytime – and when they do, they usually leave him in peace.
Ideas for the character's involvement/contribution to the game:
Being the Dork King and a lover of all things geeky, the Future Mr. Lovegood might offer us some interesting comic relief through is awkwardness around others and his love for things considered by others to be peculiar or bizarre. He can also be used as a way to link the other characters to the news that come out of The Quibbler, as I’m sure he’s the only person in ootp_newts who subscribes to it.




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